Need a 5 Minute Workout, Try the Countdown Circuit Workout

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Here’s how it works.

First you pick 3 to 4 of your favorite or least favorite exercises. For me I started with the standard push ups, sit ups and squats.

Next you pick a number to begin counting down from. A good number to start with is 8, but depending on your fitness level you may want to start higher or lower.

Whatever number you pick will be your beginning set of repetitions, to which you will then countdown to 1.

All exercises will be conducted consecutively, one after the other with no breaks , until you finish the workout.

Let’s use our examples to best explain this.

Exercises: Push ups, Sit ups, Squats

Starting Number: 8

Start out by doing 8 Push ups, then quickly change positions and do  8 Sit ups. Lastly, stand up and do 8 Squats. Once you’ve done all three exercises quickly move to the next number and start over.

7 Push ups, 7 Sit ups, 7 Squats

6 push ups, 6 Sit ups, 6 Squats

… Continue counting down until you get to 1

This work out is probably one of the simplest workouts out there. It may look easy but you may be surprised at how much it challenges you. One of the best things about it is how fast it can be accomplished. The above example will probably take less than 5 minutes to complete, so you now have no more excuses for not getting in a workout.

Here are some ways you can take the above workout to the next level:

1. The most obvious one, increase the reps or do multiple sets

2. The next most obvious one, add some other exercises. Chin ups, squat thrusters, burpees and other body weight exercises are great ways to add more burn.

3. Time yourself, and try and beat your time.

4. Add some cardio. Go for a 5 km (or mile) run and do a set after each km (or mile).  For a bigger burn do a set of 400 meter sprints and add a Countdown circuit set after each sprint.

5. Do this workout after playing your favorite sport. A friend of mine does this after every basketball game he plays. He does three sets with a minute break in between each one and adds a few wind sprints on the court. He says playing a 5th quarter makes him better for the next 4.

How about you, have you ever done this workout?

What’s your countdown number?

Which exercises do you do?

Use the comments section below to share your experience. Both you and the Warrior community will be better off because of what you have to say.

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