How to Ensure Career Success by Knowing What NOT TO DO.

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Success in the workplace is a matter of personal perception. It is defined by each individual and may differ from one to the other. Regardless if your career goal is to climb the Warrior ladder, move to a specialty unit, get nominated for courses or simply bank favor points with your superiors, there are some surefire ways to ensure that SUCCESS never happens.

Take note of these 10 points and use them to reflect on your current situation. Make the necessary changes and follow my Tips so  you may begin to succeed in places you previously couldn’t.

Over the years I have seen many examples of people who wanted to succeed in their careers and couldn’t understand why they were going nowhere. Many of them were good people, with lots of potential but because of certain things they did or did not do, they were never able to get ahead.

Below are 10 ways to ensure you never achieve success in your career.

With Helpful Tips to help you get ahead. 

#1 Punctuality:

  • Being consistently late or walking in right on time.

SUCCESS TIP: Being on time is being late. Always be at least 15 minutes early.

#2 Course Junkie:

  • Asking for every course possible may be a great way to get some great training, but if you overdue it you are just going to annoy the heck out of your boss. Every course nomination requires a little bit of admin regardless of if you go or not. Every time you are on a course the rest of your team has to work a little bit harder.  The more often you are away on training the more likely people are going to notice how well they can function without you.

SUCCESS TIP: Be selective with your course requests. If you have a hankering for continuous professional development then take courses on your own time and update you supervisors when you complete them. Learn from other methods as well, like subscriptions to the 3Block Warrior or through The Greatest Professional Development Tool Ever (It’s basically free).

#3 Dress & Deportment

  • Dress applies to your overall appearance.
  • Deportment applies to your behavior, conduct and manners.
  • If you want to ensure you never succeed, Dress Like Sh*t and act like a D*ck. 

SUCCESS TIP: Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. If you want to be a leader dress and act like your expectations for subordinates and superiors.

#4 Time Off:

  • To guarantee you never get promoted, constantly ask for time off or frequently call in sick.

SUCCESS TIP: Be selective with any time off requests, but don’t let vacation time accumulate too much. Your employer will likely have to force you to take time off or pay you out. Be aware of times when critical manpower is required and be available. Your bosses will like having you around when needed and be more aware of your capabilities. Taking time off at critical times is a good way to demonstrate your lack of commitment to the team and mission. 

#5 Responsibility

  • Do the bare minimum and never take on any responsibility.

SUCCESS TIP: Be cautious when doing the opposite and taking on too much responsibility. Only take on what yo can handle, but do not focus on the easy way.

#6 Always Making Recommendations:

  • It is one thing to make informed recommendations, but some people take this way too far.
  • Constantly making recommendations for change will start to look more like whining & complaining.

SUCCESS TIP: Do you job and be observant for small opportunities to effect change. Make recommendations based on facts and organizational needs, not your own desires.

#7 Constantly Challenge Superiors

  • Every time your boss provides direction or makes a decision, question him.
  • Correct your boss at every possible opportunity and remember to quote policy whenever doing so.
  • If you have a union, association or grievance process get them involved as much as possible.

SUCCESS TIP: Support your superiors, subordinates and organization, but never be a “Yes Man”. Express your opinion as needed, but be selective and pick your battles.

#8 Administrative Burden

  • These are the folks that cause superiors more work than what they actually produce.
  • If your boss or co-workers spend more time dealing with your issues than focusing on their duties, then you are probably an administrative burden.

SUCCESS TIP: No one likes excessive administration. Handle your own affairs and take as much as you can off the plates of your bosses, without taking away from your intended duties.

#9 Malingerer

  • This is someone who is constantly exaggerating or faking injuries or illnesses, usually to get out of work or some other personal motivation.

SUCCESS TIP: Malingerer’s have no place in the Warrior Industry. If you are one of them, go work at Burger King before you get someone hurt.

#10 Fail

  • Pretty self explanatory, but some people just don’t get it. If you fail every time someone gives you a task, then how can you be trusted with anything else.
  • Fail every task you do and you will guarantee to continue to fail in your career.

SUCCESS TIP: Be the kind of employee your superiors and colleagues rely on. Complete every assigned task to the highest possible standard, regardless of your personal feelings on the duty. 


There are probably a lot more reasons than this, but these are the ones I’ve seen the most. Now obviously if you want to achieve success in your Warrior career, simply do the opposite or follow the Tips provided and you will have more opportunities than those who don’t. Ultimately most of these barriers to success boil down to attitude and individual accountability. So if you are not succeeding in your career, take responsibility for all your actions, change your attitude and use this list as a reference for what not to do.

Please print this off and pass it on to someone who may be unable to succeed due to some or all of these characteristics. Leave it in the lunch room or on their desk if you want to remain anonymous. 




Use the Comments below to share other ways you’ve seen to guarantee you will never succeed in your career.


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