Rule #1 Talk about Fight Club

As professional Warriors, we all know that there are many challenges associated with training. Sometimes it’s the cost, the proximity, the time or the process of trying to find a credible trainer. Regardless of what the challenges (excuses) are, we owe it to our family’s, our colleagues and ourselves to maintain our skills. Recently I found one of the best ways to maintain my skills

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Why do Warriors Need Combative training?

I am a big endorser of anything relating to combatives, fighting arts and physical protection skills. I have honed my skills over the years and helped others develop theirs. A big problem I have noticed lately is a decrease in offensive fighting skills when it comes to recruit and in service training for many organizations. This wouldn’t be an issue if our world had become less violent, with a decrease in attacks on Warriors. Although I do not have any statistics to back up this point, I believe that violence is increasing and attacks on those who protect others are also on the rise. I strongly believe that Warriors involved in training, leading and front line operations need to increase their fighting skills; for the following reasons.


Instructor More Than a Piece of Paper

Over 15 years ago I completed my first defensive tactics instructor course. It was 5 days long and I walked away with a piece of paper and an attitude that I was invincible. This new found confidence (or cockiness) gave me the motivation to begin down a path that has followed me every since. Fortunately for my students, myself and the organizations I worked for, I learned and developed along the way.

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Why I Train