About This Site

The 3BlockWarrior.com is a web site dedicated to the professional development of Warriors. I spend my days as a Warrior on the front lines working as  an operator, a leader and a trainer. I regularly find information, tools and other resources that benefits the work I do. I also have an extensive background as a Warrior, with a very diverse level of knowledge, training and experience. Much of my knowledge base has come from working in several different Warrior based industries, which has allowed me to develop in ways others have not (although many have). This web site is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge across many Warrior based topics so that all can benefit. As I find new pieces of information or notice something of value I will share it in whatever form gets the message out best. This may be a simple link, a quick blog post or a full on editorial article.

So please enjoy this site and use it to benefit you and the field of Warrioring, Please feel free to send me info, topic suggestions, links or other resources and I will do my best to share them with our audience. As well please take the time to leave comments to help further this endeavor.

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About The Name

The 3Block Warrior gets its name from a military concept that surfaced during the 90’s. In short it described the complex nature of modern warfare experienced by today’s soldiers, in that they may be involved in combat operations, peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid, within the span of three city blocks. This made it a challenge for all aspects of engagements including tactics, logistics, weapon deployment, equipment, training and many more considerations. These non traditional elements of war meant that leaders, trainers and warriors had to be prepared for a tremendous amount of possibilities which were further complicated by the increased fog created by these 3 distinct elements to an operation. This philosophy is what created the concept of the 3Block Warrior. Although the 3Block War concept was originally only a military concept, I believe it greatly describes the challenges faced by all Warriors. Police & other Law enforcement Officers, Security Personnel, Correctional Officers and other Warriors currently operate daily on their own battlefields. While undertaking their duties these Warriors have a part in maintaining order, diffusing hostility, helping others and unfortunately all to often fighting for their lives. In reality this is nothing new for many Warrior professions and the 3 Block War concept may in fact be an extreme over simplification of the diverse skill set required of all Warriors. However, I have taken great pride in my own personal development of having a well rounded skill set that allows me to operate daily with “normal people”, as well as have the ability to help others in their times of need, but while always maintaining the ability to dispense as much force as necessary when required. This is my take on being a well rounded operator, leader and trainer. It is also why I choose to write under the name “The 3Block Warrior”.

If you would like more info on the The Three Block War, check out these links:

Wikipedia: The Three Block War

THE RISE AND DEMISE OF THE “THREE BLOCK WAR” by Doctor A. Walter Dorn and Michael Varey

The Strategic Corporal: Leadership in the Three Block War” Marines Magazine, January 1999 by Gen. Charles C. Krulak, Operation Absolute Agility

Who Am I

I am The 3Block Warrior. I have been working in the Warrior industry for almost 20 years. Currently I hold leadership and front line positions in two Warrior fields, in addition to being a trainer and running this site. My experience is diverse, but most notably I have over eighteen years with the Military in both full and part time duties. I have deployed overseas on both Peacekeeping and Combat missions. I have also deployed on multiple occasions as part of domestic security, policing and disaster recovery missions. As a soldier I am currently employed part time as a leader of a Platoon of highly dedicated and professional part time soldiers. I am also occasionally called in to consult, train and lead full time soldiers.

In addition to being a soldier I have also worked very diligently over the years to develop a wide range of other skills from various different Warrior industries. I have worked private security as a front line officer,  supervisor and manager. For a lengthy period of time I worked both full and part time as a Warrior Entrepreneur with roles as an owner/operator of both a Warrior Training Company and a professional contract security company.

I have been a trainer, a consultant and presenter in various different topics including but not limited to defensive tactics, combatives, police and security operations, CBRN, Medical First Response and First Aid, as well as leadership, training and mentoring. I have been a guest speaker for several organizations and thoroughly enjoy every opportunity I have to work with and help develop other Warriors. I find that development is always a two way street and every time I am called upon to teach, I always end up learning something new myself.

At the moment, in addition to being a part time soldier I am also a full time Law Enforcement Officer working in a specialty Close Protection Unit. For this reason I choose to write anonymously, and may leave out or change the occasional detail in order to protect myself, my family, my team and the organizations I work for. I am a strong advocate for professional development as well as shared information, however I will always be cautious of protecting those involved in an effort to maintain the important aspects of operational security.

Wherever possible on this site, I hope to enlist the assistance of other Warriors in the field to further enhance the experience. I have very close connections and networks to many industry professionals that I hope to have contribute regularly with their own material. As well, there are many of you out there that I do not know, but I hope to hear from whenever you feel you have something to offer. I have a lot of knowledge, training and experience that I hope to share, but I’m not the only one with useful information. So please, feel free to contact me with any requests, questions, useful tips, stories or articles.

Your’s Truly,

The 3Block Warrior